Internet/IP Transit

The Tampnet IP Transit solution offers an effective ‘one-stop shop’, directly connecting you from your data centre to the Internet Exchanges of Europe. That means there is no need for you to install and operate a router in a third-party data centre and no colocation or cross connects required. In addition, port costs and membership fees are included. Remote Peering makes public peering easy.

Dark fibre and Spectrum

Tampnet owns and operates its own fibre infrastructure. Well proven in a range of industries, including Data centres, finance, media, corporate and the public sector, Dark Fibre is highly scalable, enabling access to additional capacity fast, as needed. All Tampnet fibre infrastructures is based on passive fibre and is suitable for all transmission technologies.

Wavelength – Optical Capacity

Tampnet Capacity products deliver high performance Long Haul Wavelengths services with a European reach, combining an advanced DWDM platform with unparalleled metropolitan area reach. Our dedicated Long-Haul Wavelengths network connects over 30 data centres in 12 cities with rapid turn up times and competitive pricing. 
High capacity intercity bandwidth – N times 1Gbps to 100Gbps

Cloud Connect

The Tampnet Cloud Connect service provides a multi-cloud environment across major PoP's in North Europe currently in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. We deliver direct connectivity to many of the largest providers of cloud services and offer flexible billing models including fixed, burstable and usage based. Tampnet offers connectivity through a secure and private Ethernet connection to multiple cloud environments over a single port, guaranteed by industry leading SLAs.  Speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps and full end to end.